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The lake is not just for recreation but forms a central design feature that also serves for water retention. Lake front home sites will command a market premium when released.

Mixed housing types appeal to mixed family types and incomes.

Several homes in this example share a large yard space which is managed by the Homeowners Association. The quality of the landscaping and open space is very high by Australian standards.

Open space is not just set aside as parklands but includes extra width landscaped foot paths such as this, which run through the development.

An initiative of Rio Tinto - which still owns a very large mine site to the west of the development. Daybreak's commercial centre provides offices, retail and personal services.

Rio Tinto's connections to Brisbane are right there in the office at Day Break, Utah. Made me feel right at home.

Rear loaded lots for services and garages allow Daybreak's homes to address the street they face.

Landscaped pathways encourage neighbourhood walks and blur the line between private and public space.

View north east over parts of the project undergoing development with the mountains in the background. And a Mormom Temple. What's Utah without a few of these after all?

The town centre is evolving and might have evolved faster had a rival retail town centre not been approved nearby. Still, that's the free market at work.

Townhouses with 'BBQ rooftops' met with initial scepticism but proved so popular now everyone wants a BBQ roof. Example of the mixed housing types available at Daybreak.

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