This is a short summary of some of the many projects I've enjoyed creating and delivering.


They have all been a lot of fun, and in the main, successful.


Click on any of the images for a brief explanation.

VIDEO. Click on the image to watch the award winning campaign for Brisbane by Brisbane Marketing, which started to change the way we thought about the city. 

VIDEO. Click to watch a 15 second TV commercial produced for Sirromet Wine. Production cost for three commercials was just $15,000, proving that TV is not necessarily beyond reach - provided you're smart.

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A gimmicky but highly effective campaign I created to get housing affordability onto the national political agenda, using a rubber banana. Every politician was sent one of these with the message about then Cyclone Larry, which wiped out two thirds of Australia's banana crop. Reduce supply and prices will rise, with bananas as it is with land. We got their attention and the penny started to drop...