I have been lucky to work with and come to know a large number of incredibly clever and talented people over the years.


Whether they have been national industry icons, global thought leaders or simply very successful in their own field, it is always an enjoyable education working in the company of the best and brightest.


It's been a privelege to have done so and an even bigger privelege to have their words of support. 


Here are some of them.



Click on their profiles to view their comments.

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Wendell Cox

Ross combines strong analytical skills with an extraordinary marketing sense… I saw him design and supervise an ambitious research agenda, which he then used as the basis of a strong (and witty) publicity campaign to bring a high level of attention to {industry} concerns, not only in the popular media but also in the federal parliament. Wendell Cox, of the Wendell Cox Consultancy (Demographia), is an international public policy expert specialising in urban policy, transport and demographics.