I have been lucky to work with and come to know a large number of incredibly clever and talented people over the years.


Whether they have been national industry icons, global thought leaders or simply very successful in their own field, it is always an enjoyable education working in the company of the best and brightest.


It's been a privelege to have done so and an even bigger privelege to have their words of support. 


Here are some of them.



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Peter Verwer

Whenever I need to “phone a friend” about a thorny strategic issue, Ross is my first call. Half forensic scientist, half shaman – in the Middle Ages, the clerisy would have burnt him at the stake. Ross is a modern Ockham’s razor: he cuts through to the pith and crux of any problem with the greatest elegance. If your business model, brand or strategic master plan need trimming, sculpting or even a total makeover, holler for Ross. I recommend him without hesitation. Peter Verwer, CEO APREA