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Facades are anything but boring - and enhance the appeal of the centre as a high quality environment.

The upper level here provides meeting rooms. Other upper levels in The Station provide office space.

A central fountain with various eateries provides a focul point within The Station.

Quality landscaping and beautifully articulated facades feature throughout.

Apple Store, one of many big name retailers

Brand name retailers all in evidence

A campus of the local Weber State University is another use within The Station.

Hyatt Hotel at The Station - leisure based travel but more skewed to meetings/conferences.

Big parking lots or multi deck parking are a reality of all retail.

Parking for Tesla electric vehicles comes with a recharge

Outside customer seating is plastic weave and soft cushions and none of them bolted down - customers are encouraged to arrange for themselves. In Australia we offer concrete benches.

Internal community space... artificial grass resists wear but provides a much better look than tiles or pavers or any other hard surface,

The cinema rounds out the entertainment offer and avoids the 'black box' look so typical of cinema complexes elsewhere.

A pleasant place to be. This was on a Wednesday at midday. The evenings and weekends see the spaces crowded with locals.

A high street reinvented.

Lighting, wide sidewalks, shade and ample seating.

Every corner a new perspective. Looking toward the Hyatt Hotel.

Internal streets encourage people to explore by car. Kerb side parking is available but most parking is in the lot outside.

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